I wish I could replay my life
Undo all the hurt I’ve caused

Not to change the good, no,

Just erase some of the pain

I’d like to revisit the times
I actually approved of myself

Try and rekindle some of the hope

Perhaps I’d at least Live up to my minimum expectations

And fend off the spectre of future disappointments

I’m still trying,
Though the days seem to be growing shorter

And my old friends, vitality, strength
and conviction
Seem a little distant now

But if I could replay my life,

Maybe we’d get reacquainted somehow
Lock arms and stride forward

I could return to the present
With my head held high

Knowing I finally had acceptance
from the one who never would accept me before

I’d walk into the life I was created to live

No longer held captive by shadows of regret

I could make peace with myself at last


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