Crusted crustacean coronation

Posted: July 6, 2016 in off my mind, seriously folks, think abouts
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Recent reflections have led to a gradual but profound revelation, the assessment of which leads me to the conclusion that our social tenants,  both here and abroad are listing sadly to port. Not to say there are no good or useful phenomena in place, but rather wondering what those look like should their places of concealment be revealed. All said and done, it’s a matter of priority, something else I fear, that may be foundering on the shoals of the me generation.
Oh dear, I’ve tipped my hand. I’ve always practised complete diligence in matters of objectivity, but I’m afraid in this present framework within which mankind is “vogueing” on the world stage, the evidence is overwhelming. The greatest difficulties imaginable originate in our inability to get our minds off of ourselves.
So, to what end do I feel the need to broach a subject such as this?
I’m not sure, really,  not do I have the slightest notion why I included any references to crustaceans.
If there’s a mustard seed of truth in here somewhere, perhaps it’s this;
If there’s any real progress to be made on our planet to correct any of the millions, no, billions of wrongs begging for our attention, or to stop the ongoing flood of harm that slashes it’s way across our televisions, the change won’t come from the government’s we think we create.
The only possible action that will bring real change has to start very very small. Actually it is merely 1/7,000,000,000 of the total solution.
It’s when you and I start to change our individual self absorbed mindsets and put others first, before and rather than ourselves.
We gotta start somewhere…..and no one else is going to do it for us…


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