Time to stop.

Posted: November 14, 2016 in off my mind, seriously folks, think abouts
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Where do you start? It’s safe to say we’ve all just been through one hellish presidential campaign. You’d have to go back to antebellum America to find our nation so completely at odds with itself. There’s little historical precedent for such a time as this. 

One of the most obvious things you notice in this type of situation, is not only how deeply entrenched each side becomes, buy how they will each view the proceedings through a very biased filter. It’s like everyone is wearing special tunnel vision glasses that don’t allow the individual more than one view or  perspective. 

To some extent this is normal when people get passionate about an event such as an election. At the end of the day though, once all the votes are in and counted, things generally begin to mellow out. One side wins, the other looses. 

No so this time.

What’s scary about this election is the people who won’t take their special glasses off. They’ve still got tunnel vision.

While there are more than a few people still calling for Ms Clinton’s indictment, the media circus surrounding Mr Trump is a true phenomenon.

Long after the Democratic leadership, including president Obama and secretary Clinton, have said OK, let’s get behind this guy and give him a chance,  the combatants refuse to lay down their arms. Never before has a president-elect been subject to such extremely caustic and critical defamation of character.

Am I sure this guy is the answer to all of the world’s problems?

No. Not by a long shot. A lot remains to be seen. But therein lies the heart of the matter.

However we arrived here, this is where we’re at, and this is where we need to move forward from. How we do that is going to reflect on us as a nation, as a people.

The battle in which everyone invested so much is over. It’s time to move on.

It’s time to stop. It’s time for America to pull together and start looking at the bigger picture.

Let’s take off our glasses.


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