Fly away from time

Posted: August 5, 2017 in poetry, stories
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I long to fly away from time
Just as it flies away from me
I long to escape the maddening crush
The ever pounding waves

All of life is rushing headlong
All in a dizzying spin
Never knowing how this began
Unable to see its end

And time will always race onwards
Though it’s destiny cannot be known
Pushing and pulling you back within
The years that wildly spin

Standing still at the speed of light
While all creation passes you by
Filling your eyes with a million sins
Rushing by at the speed of TIME

All of mortality is fading forward
Passing from dust to dust
And herein lies the enigma
It is thus we live, we must

Till all of this corporeal infinity
And time itself comes to rest
Transforming into eternity
For the hopeless and the blessed

And this is the beginning
With time the endings have passed
The culmination of all stories
As the first become the last

And the last become first at last


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