Posted: August 21, 2017 in off my mind, poetry, stories
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In the company

of the ones you really sought

The strangers you really knew

What worth did you affix to it?

A ghost there by your side

An ever more troublesome distraction

Like an unwanted guest

simply ignored till it went Away

Now safely out of your life

And separated by the hands Of time

So easy not to care about

That which is long forgotten

An acquaintance ill esteemed

A friendship never embraced

Moments endured with a lesser one,

Back turned, facing the greater

But clarity comes with the passing years

To the lame and unaccepted

Hindsight revealing the unnoticed Scenes

Hidden behind the minds curtains

Gradually all is somberly clear

Discarding the once cherished moments

Seeing all that was ever offered

The potential gifts unmade

The things that seemingly mattered

Were discounted day after day


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