Wandering Lost
Can’t remember the day we
went Missing
Stepped right off the path
Disappearing along the way
A real sense of dysfunction
With No real sense of direction
Like fog mixing with snow
Masking everything white
Blinded in this falling night
Like emptied vessels
washed downstream
All going out with the tide
To drift on the endless sea
With no sight of land
And no guiding lights
Into a twilit world
Mesmerized by merging horizons


More and more
As time goes by
I realize how much
I loved that Naive kid
So full of Impossible dreams
His Eyes filled with wonder
Relentlessly Pursuing the intangibles of life
The secrets of the universe
Lining up to reveal themselves
To his Open heart
And open mind
An adolescent renaissance
Awakened to boundless possibilities
A nascent sense of identity
And the eternal quest for truth

But the realities of life
Through its many
And winding ways
Are such that always require
That there has to be a sacrifice
That others too may live
Perchance to dream
Perhaps succeed
And so a soul goes missing
Lost to the weathering of time

But something still remains
Even this late in the day
Shaped by countless mistakes
And a myriad of errors along the way
Hidden much too deep
for anyone else to see
Living in the backstory
Of a movie about everyone else
And though we know it could never
Ever really come back the same
There still may come a time
As the story slowly winds down
To the final act of the play
We may yet meet again some day
Older, hopefully wiser
If a little bit worse for wear

Looking out Glassless windows
Can’t See through the back of the house
But the mountain is on the inside
An image inaccurately made
Aching to be real
But ever a vapor of unrealized dreams
Always never someone better
The ones you want to be

The sudden revelation
Comes slowly in this cell
Imprisoned here by choices
This mean spirited place
Crushed by bars of anger
Air thick with realization
Never be who I’m not

Change would empty all
Staying will empty me
Nothing left to give
Nothing left to keep
Waiting ever waiting
For what I cannot see

Can’t shake the feeling
Running deep and so cold
This ache in my heart.
This nameless pain
Though summer has come,
A slice of winter still remains

Blindsided, not looking
As the wheels slowly turned
So wounded without knowing
If healing ever comes

There has been effort
There is always will
They’re with the daily face
That for my protection, I wear

But late at night
Alone in the quiet
It starts to bare
Not pressing in
Nor weighing down
But cutting from within
From the inside out

A pang of ice
A crush of frost
The hollow ruins cry out
In a frozen wind
The receding echoes
Of bewildered emotion
Lost to my thoughts
Gone missing in this place
Amid nameless betrayals
without a face
Leaving only the memories
Of the all but forgotten

Under this restless moon
There is no escape
When all the faceless
Must be finally faced
And all the peices
Put back in place

All but the face waiting
Sitting quietly by the door
Waiting ever so patiently
To be put on once more

I thought that it was music
That used to play in time
I listened for so long
To the sounds of the past
Memories of the voices
Distant refrains on the wind

As time has had its way
The certainty is passed
In fragments of harmony
And melody gone awry
Notes missing from the page
And scattered in the rain

I look in the book of days
For the lyrics or the meanings
But the days are out of place
And the pages all seem empty
Falling to the ground
Pieces to a missing puzzle

And the faces become jumbled
And their history slowly lost
Friend or foe alike
In a tangled darkness
Wander the mental jungle
Looking for the ways back

I thought that it was music
Crying in the wind
Or was it only hopes
and dreams
Wanting to get in
Walking in another world
With the song that never ends

But never heard again